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Posted by on Jul 6, 2013 in Free Stuff | 0 comments

Free Microsoft Points

Free Microsoft Points

Free Microsoft Points 1600

xbox_points_page_smallComplete your first setp with Rewards site. Click Here for Rewards Site.You need to sign up and make an account. BE SURE TO SIGN UP WITH A VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS (WEBSITE REQUIRES YOU TO CONFIRM YOUR E-MAIL) Once you finish the first step, you can proceed to second step to start to download the free microsoft point. Where you see the tab says “offers”. Click on this. And choose “free” in categories. You will see a list of all the offers than can be done for free. Then, all you have to do is fill in the required information, and wait for it to credit. That is it. You get all things at free. And enjoy your stay there with other offers too.

Once you have 2000 points or $20, you can request your 1600 free microsoft points and they will be sent directly to your email. 1000 points ($10) can get you a 800 microsoft point code. Ready to begin? Click here, to get your free points and code now. When you get into the site, you will be guided with all instruction.

Once you’ve gotten your free microsoft points you can continue to earn points for things like free xbox live, free xbox controllers, and even free xbox games! So get started today and enjoy your free microsoft points! Join now

Free Microsoft Points, Free 1600 Microsoft Points, Free 2100 Microsoft Points, Free 4000 Microsoft Points e-mailed to you 100% Free!


Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

xbox_live_splash_smallSimilar to the steps of getting microsoft points, you can get free xbox live gold codes. Click Here for Rewards Site. Follow all steps like you do with free microsoft points, then you will get points and codes. They are also free to get. When you are logined in website, you can ask members there to help you with all instructions. And you can also get more points and cash also. Try to follow the basic steps, and you can get familiar to the site easily.

Join now to start now!


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